Magical coaxing to bring your inner kid out for kickball


Turn back time & dust off your daring childhood dreams. 

(Pssst! They deserve to see the light of day.)

Let’s talk about it. ALL of it.  

When you link arms with me, we’ll work together to find (and fall in love with) your inner kid, coax ‘em out into the sun—and then promptly give them an ice cream sundae or seven. This is a safe space for every.single.facet. of who you are. 

Find peace by sharing your problems with a pro. 

(That’s me!) 

There’s magic to be found in telling your secrets in a supremely safe space. While I’m not a licensed therapist, I’m a healer who’s honed her skills for wild souls like yours. (And don’t worry—I know the word “healer” can sound kind of hokey.) 

It’s all about never-judgemental, joyous listening from your open heart to my open ears. Just saying what you’ve always wanted to yell out loud gets you one step closer to pinpointing what you really want in this world.  


I’m your newest tupperware. 


As an open container, I’m the perfectly safe place you can put everything in, sort it out, and get some answers. I’ll absorb and hold it for you, so you’ll end our call feeling light, clear, and free. 



A 1-hour coaching call is 152% for you if...


★ You have moments of overwhelm where you don’t know WTF to do 

★ You don’t have mental (or physical)  space for all the stuff in your life and you need to lighten your load

★ Thinking of calling your mom or best friend to let it out adds more stress and guilt to the situation—instead of love and light 

★ An unbiased opinion from a healer feels like exactly what you want

★ You want to hang up the phone feeling centered, optimistic, and on your game

But I’m NOT for you if...


★ You’re in a place right now that’s hurting your physical or mental health, and you need to make a change to literally save your life. I very much believe in healing, but trained therapists and wonderful treatment centers are better equipped to help. <3



Quick note about our convos:

Our conversations are focused on bringing you closer to YOUR inner truth—y’know, the good stuff in your core that keeps you on track. Sometimes this looks like the hard truth that makes you bolt up in bed at 2:34 in the morning...“I’m not doing what I’m meant to be doing.” Sometimes it’s more subtle, a little whisper that you aren’t where you want to be. 

But either way, I’ll reflect those truths back to you in bite-sized pieces you can gobble up and digest.


My Philosophy:

Love should never be “tough”,  but it can still be effective. I’ll always be kind (even with the hard stuff). And THAT is a pinky promise. 



Wash away your what-ifs
and hone in on HAPPY.

We’ll leave no wishing well stone unturned when talking all things you.

Single Creative
Coaching Session

  • ★ 1 one-hour telephone coaching session
  • ★ New life breathed into your inner kiddo & new inspiration found
  • ★ Complete confidentiality, because the work stops with me, and begins with YOU

90-Day Creative Coaching
Deep Dive Program

  • ★ 6 one-hour telephone coaching sessions (including one free coaching session) 2x a month for 3 months
  • ★ 1 (free) one hour Spirit Animal reading ($95 value)
  • ★ 1 (emailed) Self-Discovery Deep Dive kit to pop open your inner can of magic
  • ★ Complete confidentiality, because the work stops with me, and begins with YOU

(Best value - Includes 1 free session plus 1 free Spirit Animal reading.)

Still have questions?

Book a totally complimentary 30-minute consult to get somethin’ on the books (and off your mind). 


Don’t just let it out. 

Figure it outForge your way. And find YOUR happy.