Exploration Readings


Unleash Your Wild Heart

And take it to a deeper level.


As in, a deep dive exploration of your past, present and future.

Maybe you had one Discovery Reading and uncovered some things that lit that primordial fire within you. Maybe you just know that you need to explore further beyond one reading to get the full picture.  

You Need to…

Reconcile your past, make sense of your present and get a
bird’s eye view of your future.


This is your life.  Your adventure.

It’s time to Explore.

*No special gear or plane ticket required. Just you and me and a few animal spirit guides to help you get clear on those details you always wanted to know. 


Animals speak to our souls in a way people sometimes just can’t. 


They protect us from negativity and danger so we’re calm, content and happy.


They heal us, soothing the sting of our past trip-ups so who we were doesn’t have to be who we are.


They reveal stuff we don’t even know we’re hiding from ourselves & the world.


But most importantly, they’re fascinating and wild—just like you.

And they’re here to teach you a thing or two about YOUR one-of-a-kind spirit. 



Let’s uncover ALL the parts of you that are still wild.

(Best value - includes 1 free reading. Use all 6 yourself or gift them to family & friends!)


The Exploration Package looks a little something like this:

★ Once you submit payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to my calendar and a “special code” created just for you. You’ll use this code to book your six readings. You can schedule your readings all at once or gift your readings to family and friends.

★ All readings are done by telephone so your appearance, environment, and mannerisms don’t influence your reading. I feel the cards and intuit what YOU need from them.

★ I use Power Animal Oracle Cards, but also pull a message card from a second deck to create a whole picture.

★ Our work together is ALWAYS confidential. It stops with me (and begins with you).

★ Readings are NOT recorded. Instead, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours after your reading with a snapshot of your card spread.

★ The Exploration Package readings are good for one year so there’s plenty of time to schedule your readings when you feel the need for some clarity here and there or you can gift them in time for birthdays or holidays. 




When you have me & the whole animal kingdom at your fingertips, you don’t need to figure it all out on your own. 

Let’s spend some time together, and I’ll show you the way. 

Like Tarot readings, animal spirit card readings answer the same questions and concerns about who you are and what you’re doing. These loving, non-judgmental cards reveal your past, present &  future.